Handcrafted garments’ Designer

Creator by passion, designer by choice, designer of fabrics, make clothes that are transformed by adapting to the changing of the seasons.
Years spent giving stylistic consultancy led me to develop the idea of creating collections that do not depend on time, clothes, furnishing, accessories that are able to transform themselves to the need, enhancing the material and design features possessed.
Convoy my passions in the work of cutting and sewing so as to create objects that transmit emotions.




When I was a little girl and someone asked me: ‘What you want to be when you grow up?’ I always answered: ‘I want to be Sara, Sara Rabà’.

My total naivety and my enourmous shyness often lead me into that oniric dimension where everything was feasible: the dream. I spent years dreaming, visualising and desiring that clear vision where my message would have been different and personal.

An ugly duckling, often grumpy, apparently posh who’s only desire was to break the rules and show a free woman: free from the customs, the habits, the market laws.

Free from the idea that women are fragile, frivolous, always in need and submitted.

Free from fashion stereotype to state her own being and her own wellbeing. Like a second skin made by unique and special garments, handmade with inspiration and creativity.

And so this is it.

My creations, being that accessories or clothes, have something in common: the search for handcrafted fabrics and the practical comfort together create unusual and new lines, ageless, timeless and everlasting.

Dreams can be neverending, like mine, that I nurture every day.

Desires like mine can light the darkest nights, and I indulge in them as they make life better.

Lastly, this is my philosophy: each one of my creation is unique and every piece is a part of me.

“Fashion is beautiful and anarchic. Work is the means to overcome alienation and to change the world.” William Morris

Some of my stories in italian and often in tuscan dialect.

…e da oggi, questo è il mio blog!

Il blog di una toscanaccia che cerca di scrivere e parlare in italiano.

Perdonerete le mie espressioni dialettali, le parole che sicuramente conierò, i modi di dire e i termini arcaici che noi toscani utilizziamo con orgoglio per poter dire: “sì che esiste, è sul vocabolario! Dante non è mica nato a Cusano Milanino eh!?”… ma questo merita un post a parte che mi riprometto di scrivere quando una creazione nascerà spontanea su tale argomento.

Perchè lo avete letto sulla home chi sono e cosa faccio, vero???

Vabbè, bando alle ciance… dunque…


La vita sta nell’essenziale.

Senza ombra di dubbio, l’importante è l’essenziale… quei minuscoli gesti quotidiani che fanno capire cos’è la vita. Un abbraccio, una carezza, un bacio inaspettato, un sorriso di coloro che ami profondamente sono ricchezze incommensurabili che rendono bellissima la vita.  Beh, l’ovvio direte voi! Sì è concettualmente ovvietà, ma, per quanto mi riguarda, sono dovuta andare …


Sara Rabà

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